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The online EnergyMatching Platform aims to support designers and other professionals in maximizing the RES harvesting in their built environment. Through the integration of a matchmaking tool, it guides users to meet their own interests and potential exploiting resources developed within the project. It offers an optimization tool that suggests optimal configurations of BIPV systems, and provides inspiring examples of active building skin solutions (BIPV and Solar Window Block). The Platform also links users to the EnergyMatching technology providers, establishing an important connection with the industry sector.
This platform was developed within EnergyMatching project, with the overall objective of maximizing the potential RES harvesting from the European built environment. EnergyMatching is doing this by developing and demonstrating cost-effective active building skin solutions as part of an optimized building energy system. This innovative project also connects local energy grids and optimizes control strategies by utilizing the EM district energy hub. The EM district energy hub applies a comprehensive and holistic economic rationale that balances the objectives and performance targets of both private and public stakeholders.

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