BIPV Basics

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) are photovoltaic systems that are seamlessly integrated into buildings as part of the roof, façade, or other components. Simultaneously serving as building envelope material and electricity generator, they must be safe for the occupants, functionally and visually durable, and ensure acceptable architectural quality. They can interact with the energy system of the building or district to maximize the use of "on-site" electricity.
Energy Matching
Single-Family house in Lasa, Italy © building owner (source: EURAC)


The BIPV systems can be integrated in existing buildings as a retrofit or in new building during the construction. There are many ways in which BIPV can be integrated, as shown in the EN 50583 standard.
Mounting categories A-E as defined in EN 50583 standard


There might be numerous benefits of BIPV applications.