Technical integration

Contact Person: Christian de Nacquard


As a global player in construction and services active in 80 countries, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION designs, builds and operates public and private buildings, transport infrastructures, and energy and communications networks. Operating from upstream to downstream of the construction process, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION has developed expertise and businesses that cover the entire value chain. Its aim is to meet the specific needs of each customer while each service it performs is thought out in terms of the whole lifecycle of a building or structure. BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION operates in France and many other countries in four major business areas: buildings, civil works, energy & services, and concessions. Furthermore, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION is active in many research and development programs, alongside the rest of the BOUYGUES group, particularly in the fields of energy, digital technologies and sustainable buildings. BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION ensured that the implementation of the active adaptive envelope solutions was planned since the conception phase. BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION worked in coordination with the architect for the aesthetical aspects, with the façade manufacturer for the integration/installation process and all the regulatory aspects (fire resistance etc.), and with the energy performance experts for the thermal and energy aspects.

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