DC nanogrid and EnergyHub

Contact Person: Anders Becker


The DC nanogrid and EnergyHub provide: i) Interconnected power/information exchange between buildings/energy systems​​; ii) Optimized system performance through advanced control strategies based on multi-level hierarchy​​; iii) Economy services and effective business models allowed thanks to the monitoring of all energy flows.


FERROAMP is a manufacturer of innovative power electronics for renewable energy and energy storage based on local DC grids. The novel concept brings a future proof way of integrating renewable technologies while increasing efficiency, reducing costs and supporting a sustainable grid. FERROAMP innovative technology has been recognized in different international awards such as winner of the ees Award in 2016 as well as named in the 2018 Global Cleantech 100 list. In EnergyMatching, FERROAMP contributed to the development of hardware and software for a higher degree of integration of PV, storage, heat and the utility grid. A major part of the work will be software development both locally on the different products used in the concept but also in the cloud for integrating with other resources. The EnergyMatching product developed is the FERROAMP DC nanogrid and EnergyHub, which provides centralized hot water, heating and cooling together with multiple heat sources.

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