BIPV Click&Go System & Appealing Lightweight composite BIPV

Contact Person: Elena Rico


Within the EnergyMatching project Onyx developed and manufactured a novel and color optimized combination of a BIPV solution with modular structural systems, by adapting the BIPV glass configuration to the concept of appealing glass/glass based BIPV click-&-go envelope solutions. ONYX Multifunctional BIPV Solutions allow the entry of natural light, provide thermal and sound insulation, they filter out harmful radiation, produce clean and free energy thanks to solar power and feature an innovative, customized design which can be integrated into any type of building without limitations of colour, pattern, transparency degree, thickness and size. All these solutions allow to the architect and the client to have a variety of designs for their projects depending on the needs required.


ONYX is a technology driven company founded in Ávila (Spain) that develops cutting-edge smart building solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaic’s (BIPV) to be used as building materials in façades, windows, roofs and skylights. These solutions consist in the replacement of conventional materials such as glass or ceramics for a material with photovoltaic properties, showing not only undeniable aesthetic value but also customized for each project, producing clean and free energy from the sun.

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