Smart Control Hub

Contact Person: Luca Papaiz


In the EnergyMatching project, PELLINI developed a stand-alone, self-powered motorized integrated solar shading capable of optimizing the solar gains and daylighting of the façade according to the building/user needs. The Smart Control Hub is able to communicate with the Solar Window Block hardware for various controls. The Control HUB can be reached from an APP from each Tenant ‘s phone (using Wi-Fi connection) being able to switch on and off the automation, controlling shading devices and creating scenarios.


PELLINI SPA was founded in 1974 in Codogno, Northern Italy, as a craftsman, family-owned company producing venetian blinds, folding doors, mosquito nets and awnings. The division ScreenLine, specialized on the development and production of shading integrated inside a sealed insulated glass unit was born in 1992 with the introduction of the first system in the ScreenLine® range – a system based on rotational transmission of motion obtained by the coupling of internal and external magnets. Today the company operates on a worldwide scale with 8 production facilities around the world and is an acknowledged leader in the field of integrated sun shading systems.

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