BIPV Click&Go façade

Contact Person: Dirk-Jan Bles


In EnergyMatching, PLASTICA provided technical-, market-, and façade business experience to the project and participated in the development of the versatile click & go building envelope solution with photovoltaic integration.


Since 1978, PLASTICA is a SME-Family owned company which has been supplying sheet materials for internal and external use and developing new façade solutions. PLASTICA’s sheet materials are available in wood, stone, stone composites, metal or plastic. All of their materials are sustainable, in terms of both production and durability. The products are certified and they all meet the highest standards. PLASTICA is a certified sustainable company, CSR certified to level 3. PLASTICA enters into sustainable relationships with their customers, utilizes fair business practices with consideration for the environment and social involvement with their surroundings.

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