Tullips Click-&-Go COSMOS

Contact Person: Eugene Widlak


The Click&Go substructure is a system approach for flexible interfacing of plate materials and the building. It has a strong adaptability to both roofs and facades, able to host passive cladding systems as well as active envelope solutions. The frameless module design is aesthetically appealing, lightweight and able to integrate all PV laminate types, glass-backsheets or glass-glass modules as well as other plate materials. It is applicable to residential buildings both in case of retrofit or new construction. In the EnergyMatching project this technology plays a fundamental role in integrating BIPV on the demo-sites.


TULiPPS B.V. is a research & development company actively pursuing intellectual property and know-how in the area of innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) mounting technology. TULiPPS mission is to deliver the most beautiful cost-effective, and versatile, PV function-integrated building envelope and to make these solutions available to suppliers in the building industry. In EnergyMatching, TULiPPS further developed their patented Click-&-Go building skin technology for prefab pitched roofs and façades with both active PV panels as well as non-active other plate materials fitting in the same mounting system. The Click-&-Go system is capable to deal with module size and shape flexibility to deal with the diversity of buildings, locations, and situations. The Click-&-Go mounting system can be combined with several long-life glass-glass PV modules and is made available via an online platform: BIPV.world

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