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Variable Value
Scalemore buildings
Time horizon for the evaluation [years] 30
Number of inhabitants96
Objective of the optimizationmaximum self production at prescribed IRR
Annual Discount Rate [%] 3
Net billing premium [€/kWh or auto]0.0
Maximum limit for the initial investment cost [€]none
Price of electricity bought from the grid [€/kWh] 0.15
Price of electricity sold to the grid [€/kWh] 0.03
Module efficiency0.165
Module height (m)1.0
Module width (m)1.0
Cost of battery [€/kWh] 500
Cost of the finished PV system [€/kWp] 3000
Performance ratio of the system at STC 0.9
Linear annual efficiency losses of the PV system [%]0.75
Annual maintenance costs [€/kWp year] 7.5
Linear annual growth of price of electricity bought from the grid [%]1.5
Linear annual growth of price of electricity sold to the grid [%]0
Linear annual growth of the electric demand [%]0
Variable Value
PV capacity [kWp]
PV area [m²]
Battery capacity [kWh]
Expected Net Present Value [€]
Self-sufficiency [%]
Self-consumption [%]
Annual cumulative production [kWh]
Annual cumulative balance production/consumption
PV system initial cost [€]
Expected payback time
Expected LCOE considering self-consumed electricity [€/kWh]
Expected LCOE considering the produced electricity [€/kWh]
Specific emission of self-consumed electricity [kg CO2-eq/MWh]
Specific emissions of the produced electricity [kg CO2-eq/MWh]
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Optimization reportem_report.pdf
Area available for PVPV_areas.obj
Area suggested for PVPV_layer.obj
Suggested PV configuration
Weather fileepwfile.epw
PV Production ProfileProductionProfile.csv
Electric Demand ProfileConsumptionProfile.csv